If you keep doing that, over time your hubs will make money. I appreciate the recommendation of a summary capsule, it makes a lot of sense and something I have not been doing. I will be referring to this a lot as I get ready to put up my own hubpages. With time and a little study/experience, it will get a lot easier. It must’ve taken a ton of hours, not to mention a lot of hard work. Making money I guess is easier said than done and I know it takes a lot of work. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but it does work if you follow the instructions on this page. You can then enter any topic tags you see on that page that are relevant. HubPages lists hubs under categories, on the By Topic page, on your profile page and in other places, and there’s an image next to every listing in each location. Thank you for all the information you have written about hubs. If the borrower in any given case is incapable to pay the amount then the borrower will have to pay the penalty fee which can be too expensive and thus unaffordable. Apart from this the borrower can with the aid of the whole amount repay all his or her payments as well as awaiting bills like car payments, rent, telephone bills, or even electricity bills and so on.

The borrower is required to repay the whole amount within this given time period. One of the eye catching features that attract borrowers to payday loans or 12 month loans online is that the credit is given to good as well as the bad credit holder irrespective of the past record. That’s a good way to look at it, so you won’t be disappointed on the days when the click prices are low. Click here to open a free HubPages account. I agree about not putting the image at the top, unless you’re trying to sell Amazon or eBay products or get people to click an affiliate link. I never followed up but I should because it’s a great way to get internal links. No, I have not done keyword analysis for the hub or links to it. By including my keyword in his comment, he has effectively added it one more time to this page.

A heads-up: Don’t be surprised if the hub falls from the first page at some point. If I don’t automatically do that for some reason, send me a message through HubPages with your Pinterest page so I can follow it. The borrower can also get a hold of 12 month cash loans from online. You can experiment with it yourself and see what kind of results you get. I can see how solid content can bring you a lot of eyeballs just by how many comments you have on here. Look through this to see if there are any subcategories that accurately describe your hub. Feel free to follow me there and I will follow you back. If you don’t like the location, you can copy it, delete it and then paste it anywhere else you want in the capsule, without having to go back into HTML mode. Well written information. I’ll come back to read it. I have read this before and applied some of your suggestions. Very helpful too. I am new on hubpages and i was travelling almost the whole of december last so did not have much time to go though other hubbers hubs.

I advise that you reread the part about keyword research above before you write any more hubs. The image that appears next to listings for this hub is a chopped-up version of the “Valuable Resources” image above the blue sidebar box. I am working on my listings one by one. Make sure your main keyword is in the description, as well as any others you can fit into one to three sentences. To make the ads appear in that position, either have just one text capsule for the entire hub or make sure the first text capsule contains enough text so that an AdSense ad block will fit next to it. The writing always comes first for me, that’s for sure. Very informative article, I plan to start writing here at HubPages. I’m taking this to heart when I start with my next few hubs! I was just reading Court’s 100 hubs in 30 day challenge and stumbled across your comment which led me here. Thanks, ripplemaker. I appreciate the comment and the keywords.